A brainiacs’ tongue teaser?

“It was right there, for a moment, just, on the tip of my tongue! What a tease!” Gun Roswell A brainiacs’ tongue teaser? The low humming electricity, crackling, through, the thin of the airAs I am now, so totally gasping, in a kind of a state of complete despairBecause, as it had, just been, rightContinue reading “A brainiacs’ tongue teaser?”

Bitch Perfect

“I may be a bitch, with flaws so big, they will make you itch, but hey, I also consider myself to be perfect, a perfect bitch that of a one of a kind” Gun Roswell Bitch PerfectYou may call me, the perfect bitchEven though I may be, a broom-less witchOr then, just the worst oneContinue reading “Bitch Perfect