Bitch Perfect

“I may be a bitch, with flaws so big, they will make you itch, but hey, I also consider myself to be perfect, a perfect bitch that of a one of a kind” Gun Roswell

Bitch Perfect

You may call me, the perfect bitch
Even though I may be, a broom-less witch
Or then, just the worst one you can anywhere find
But I will always be, the best of my kind

You may find me..

Taking a short flight
In the darkest of the night
Or then simply taking a bus
In the early morning rush

You may see me…

Dirty dancing naked in the pouring rain
Celebrating life to the fullest without pain
Or just having a beer in a dive bar stained
Being one of the people dullest without a brain

You may catch me…

Casting the mightiest of all them spells
Cursing out loud and not giving a damn
Or just talking to my dear mom on the cell
And the this simply because, I just can

So, now you may see me…

With a totally new aspect
As the total best bitch perfect
Because that is who I really am

Hell, simply, because, I can

A brainiacs’ tongue teaser?

“It was right there, for a moment, just, on the tip of my tongue! What a tease!” Gun Roswell

A brainiacs’ tongue teaser?

The low humming electricity, crackling, through, the thin of the air
As I am now, so totally gasping, in a kind of a state of complete despair
Because, as it had, just been, right there, on the tip of my very tongue
As by some sort of a teaser moment, for a brief time there, seductively flung
And yes, before you ask me, it so totally and completely, stung

I had heard of it for sure, even sampled, a taste of it for the lure
And right at this moment, I knew, I wanted it, the sample so pure
Alas, there was a brain teaser involved, before I could request for more
But, to be totally and utterly (I usually am really not that) honest
With these types of things, was not were I was at all my very best

But, I, do, once again, from the topic, digress

The very idea, of having that saucy, lusciously thick and utterly juicy liquid
Despite of, my lips, my chin and fingers getting soaked with sticky ick
Spilling and dripping and then finally running, down my hungry face
And then, slowly, and surely, falling, into a deep state of blissful haze
Only wanting, to completely enjoy the experience, in a utterly slow pace

While there was request in place, to do what was stated above no less
There was a question out there of sorts, before I could even begin the sport
And it may have sounded totally simple and quite solvable for, well most
But in my current state, of denial and delay, of not getting my needs slain
I was at a loss as to what to reply, with my mouth agape I tried to replay

The question, in front of me, from earlier, on a large wide setting, displayed
In clear and bold letters, well, at least, verbally out spoken, I must confess
I had not expected a tease of any kind, at least, never or not with a smile
Leaving me now, utterly and completely confused, as if I had been refused
Of sipping up, my once fullest cup, of this totally bliss of a sauce, I pause

And look up, to the eyes, of the owner of said precious, limited kind of treasure
Served, right there, in front of me, spread eagled, for all that unadulterated pleasure
With head pounding, eyes gleaming, mouth unmoving, heart, still yearning
I cannot believe this is even happening, as I was prepared for devouring
Then the question, the brain teaser, I feared, as only one cell in order appeared

“If you like so much, that which you are having, why not, take it all?”

I blinked, once, twice, and without a response, I dug in
I know, I know, some may say, that gluttony, is a sin
But at this point, I was beyond, all kind of reprimand
Licking and sucking and enjoying all that sensation grand
Finally reaching the moment, the giver and receiver let out of torment
And the question? The brain teaser of sorts? From before?
It was forgotten, with a satisfied laugh, and a snort?